1 Febbraio 2024

Birthday Party at the Museum

Celebrate your birthday with us!

The Scale Museum offers the possibility of organising birthday parties for children aged 6 to 10 years.
We provide a room, where a small refreshments can be set up, and our expert guides to carry out both recreational and educational activities.

You can choose one of the following workshop activities to entertain your friends, taking into account the specific expertise of the museum and the age of your guests.

You can customise your party by choosing from various activities:

  • Scale treasure hunt: a search through the museum rooms, among bizarre scales measuring many different objects and among curious instruments. The one-hour activity is organised and managed by the guide.
  • Electrical circuits: free activity in which children can try to make their own working electrical circuit.
  • Balance games: hands-on experience discovering the centre of gravity and how scales work.
  • Water activities: water with its thousands of properties makes it possible to try making small rockets and 'magic' games.
  • Robo-battle: discovering the evolution of computers and digital technology with board games, interactive exhibits and robotic battles.

The total duration will be about 3 hours, a space will be provided for refreshments and if necessary the museum will have a popcorn machine.

For further information about prices, opening times and reservations, the museum offices are at your disposal.

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 1 c/o Municipio - 41011 Campogalliano (Modena)

Tel. +39 059/899422 - Fax. +39 059/899430


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