10 Gennaio 2020

Tourism .... in Campogalliano!


Did you ever consider Campogalliano like a destination for a day out?
If you still didn't think about it, we did it for you with interesting and various proposals that will be widened in the future!

Campogalliano, Town of the Scale, offers an unmatched collection of measuring instruments from the Roman age to our days at the Museo della Bilancia.

After a series of illustrative paths and curious activities at the museum, you can play with chemistry at the Acetaia Comunale di Casa Berselli during a scientific visit at the vinegar cellars in the area of the Curiel Lakes.

We could not forget food and offer a typical tasting of the precious Balsamic Vinegar of the Acetaia De Petri.

When the weather is fine, it is good to stay outdoor, therefore you can have a lot of fun and practice on suspended bridges and sensorial paths at Jonathan EcoCampus, an adventure camp having an area of 70,000 square meters in the middle of a natural reserve.

Always in the area of the Curiel Lakes you can find the didactic farm La Falda, that proposes different labs regarding nature and correct diet between its vegetable garden and animals.

Did we arouse your curiosity?
If you wish to spend a special day in Campogalliano, between HISTORY, NATURE AND ADVENTURE you just need to call the Museo della Bilancia at 059-899422 or send an e-mail to for information on costs and bookings.