Science is measurement a.s. 2019/20

Science is measurement - a.s. 2019/2020

The course is aimed at both those already familiar with metrology and those approaching it for the first time.
The course is part of the actions of the Scale Museum "Understanding the World ": educational proposals, classroom interventions, workshops for families and teacher training.

Meetings will be held on Thursdays 24 October, 7 November and 12 December from 5pm to 7pm at MeMO - Multicentro Educativo "Sergio Neri", Modena and a concluding meeting with the trainees at the Scale Museum in Campogalliano on Saturday 11 January 2020 from 9 to 11 a.m

Each meeting of the training course includes:
THEORY: introduction to science and metrology
CASE STUDIES: '&SPERIMENTANDO' project IC Stradi Maranello, 'Giovani Scienziati', other interventions at Memo and various Comprehensive Institutes in Modena
EXPERIMENTATION: conducting laboratory activities with experiments, observations and measurements
EDUCATIONAL PLANNING: courses of meaning, scientific publishing for children and young people, documentation

To enrol in the sixth edition of the metrology course for primary school teachers, go to the metrology course service page "SCIENZA E' MISURA"


Thursday 24 October
Thursday 7 November
  • THEORY: historical metrology
  • EXPERIMENTATION: measurements workshop
  • EDUCATIONAL DESIGN: laboratory guide sheets
Thursday 12 December


Saturday 11 January 2020, 9-11 a.m.
visiting the collection
and workshops