Non è sempre facile, nemmeno se sei geniale (It is not that easy, even if you are brilliant)

The project "Non è semrpe facile, nemmeno se sei geniale" ('It's not that easy, even if you're brilliant') sees the collaboration between Direzione Didattica 2° Circolo di Formigine and the Scale Museum, with the support of Fondazione di Modena.
The Covid-19 emergency did not allow the conclusion of the classroom interventions with the Museum's experts started at the beginning of the 2019/20 school year, requiring a general reassessment of the project, which is part of the Creative Workshops - Robotics&Coding project of the Scale Museum.

The result is a series of video pills which - while retaining the initial content, expected results and innovative elements originally planned - serve as a stimulus to independently develop alternative activities to classroom group work led by museum experts.
The aim of this path integrating science and storytelling is to foster the development of active citizenship skills and respect for differences, in particular by retracing the history of science, which plays a fundamental educational role but also presents episodes of discrimination.
The proposed activities encourage an encounter with the experimental scientific method and are aimed at implementing the pupils' logical skills, including cryptography activities, as well as developing specific knowledge in computer functionning through educational robots and educational programming software.Using a narrative and simple language for some examples of coding and decoding exercises encourages pupils engagement and participation.

Each of the video pills, which we hope will be a good primer for carrying out activities independently, can also be enjoyed individually or randomly arranged and includes:

  • a contribution by the storyteller Simone Saccucci who presents some remarkable cases of scientific figures
  • a brief presentation of the founding elements of the project
  • examples of cryptography methods and hands-on coding and robotics activities to improve logic and computer skills taken from the worksheets followed in the pre-emergency interventions

Watch the videos: