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The memorable Opessi company, since 1773

Surfing the net, we come across this well-done article on the Turin-based company Antonio Opessi. Awarded prizes at numerous exhibitions and fairs in the 19th century, it merged with Buroni of Pinerolo in 1927 to form Buroni Opessi, which until the 1960s was one of the leading companies producing scales in Italy.

The Libra Museum houses 6 exhibits that show the great variety of scales produced (including a precision balance with equal arms, a bench scale with a marble top and brass plates, a platform scale, a double metre, an elegant butcher's steelyard). These are complemented by 11 paper exhibits, price lists, advertisements, invoices and technical drawings that help us better understand the company's production.

At this link  you can read the post edited by writer Sergio Donna