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  • Municipality of Campogalliano

Campogalliano: the Museum beyond the Museum (link to themed itineraries/museum beyond the museum)

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  • Measures, weights and balances: itineraries around Modena

A themed itinerary which, starting from the Museum of Scales and Balances, connects the past to the present through several museums and collections in the province of Modena.


  • Museum and the surrounding areas

An easy and quick guide through a rich territory which unites art, history, nature and sport.

Museums and galleries of Modena

  • ‘E. Curiel’ lakes green space

Near to the city centre of Campogalliano lies the nature reserve ‘Secchia Riverside Park’, a nature area of manmade origin characterized by wetlands areas.

As well as the natural environment, this green space offers numerous opportunities for dining and entertainment within the area of the ‘E. Curiel’ lakes.


  • Terre Piane, food and wines routes across the Modenese plains

Terre Piane winds across the broad territory of the plain found between the Panaro river and the border with the province of Reggio Emilia, touching all the communities of the Modena plain. The objective of the proposed itineraries is not only to valorise historical, environmental and cultural assets, but to promote the commercialization of typical products of the region. Terre Piane, in fact, is home to numerous production and sales companies, who together with a warm welcome, promote a strong link with nature.

  • Typical Products

To truly know this land, it is impossible to ignore the typical flavours and products found here: Lambrusco wine, Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, pears, cherries and prosciutto ham.

Acetaia De Petri - Campogalliano

Acetaia del Gallo - Campogalliano

Latteria di Campogalliano

Caseificio 4 Madonne


  • Modena

Arts, culture, nature, sport, events appointments and itineraries in the provincial capital and its surroundings

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Tourism in Modena

  • Carpi

Tourist information portal


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  • Soliera

Comune di Soliera

  • San Martino in Rio

Comune di San Martino in Rio

  • Rubiera

Comune di Rubiera

  • Correggio

Comune di Correggio


  • Tourism for All

To find out what’s on, the exhibitions and the beauty offered by the Emilia-Romagna region


  • Museums of Taste

‚ÄčA new form of tourism across Emilia-Romagna on the trails of history, traditions and culture of territory through its food and drink.