Libra 93

Libra 93 ETS

Libra 93 is the body which manages the cultural activities, research, promotions and marketing of the Museum of Scales and Balances – National Documentation Centre of Campogalliano. The association was founded in 1993 by the Town Council of Campogalliano and the Scales-Makers’ Cooperative: it is a non-profit association with an EU budget, founded in 2004 as a legal entity andlisted in the Register of Social Promotion Associations since 2010.

The main aims are to widen the cognitive offering for the territory and expand outwards, paying particular attention to organizing initiatives which involve the public and the local area.


Offices: via Garibaldi, 34/a c/o Museum41011 CAMPOGALLIANO (MO)

Italian VAT number and tax code: 02157320363

Registration number with the Registration of Businesses: MO 02157320363

Legal entity order No. 526 - Emilia-Romagna Region

Inscription in the Provincial Register of Social Promotion Associations No. 119, 11/05/2010


For further information:

  • Libra 93 – via Garibaldi, 34/ac/o Museo – 41011 Campogalliano – Modena