‘MU.MU. The Multimedia Museum’: interaction between scientific knowledge, multimedia disclosure and new forms of exhibition to promote interaction between scientific culture, tourism and the local community.

In 2009 the Museum of Scales and Balances began a process of continuous renewal with the aim of turning a museum visit into an interactive experience.

With this objective in mind, three installations were created which give access to digital contents through simple and natural gestures or movements, making the learning process more effective and entertaining.

The content of the installations is constantly adapted to the communication and exhibition needs of the museum, constantly adopting new and stimulating features.

  • fuse* Interactive Ring

A circular, interactive table on which it is possible to select video, images, sound and texts with a simple hand gesture. The image of the main interaction comes to occupy the centre of the table and is reproduced through projection onto a wall.

  • fuse* Virtual Book

A projected book which can be flicked through with a simple movement of the hand. The pages follow the movements of the user, the sounds and the photos come to life, enriching the textual content.

  • fuse* Interactive Portrait

There are four screens onto which images are projected which interact with the visitor: stopping in front of a screen, the image gives way to animations, short films and sound descriptions full of emotions.

Further information on the initial project can be found on the site: