Ristoranti ed Alberghi

Hospitality in the Town of Scales


A proposal which brings together the taste for food to that of culture: customers of partner restaurants will receive tickets for free entry to the Museum of Scales and Balances on Sunday afternoons.

Trattoria Barchetta

Ristorante Laghi

Osteria Emilia




- Restaurants in the Town Centre

(+39) 059-525613

Via Martiri della Libertà 6

Closed Mondays evening and Tuesdays; specialty: wholemeal pizza by the metre.

Viale Di Vittorio 28
Closed Sundays; open from Monday to Saturday lunch only; specialty: home made pasta

(+39) 059-851551

Via Grieco 1

Open for lunch only, from Monday to Friday


- Restaurants in the immediate vicinity

(+39) 059-526218

Via Magnagallo Est 20

Closed Sundays and every evening from Monday to Thursday; typical dishes of Emilia

(+39) 059-526988

Via Albone 27

Closed during the months of December, January and February; open only Friday, Saturday and Sunday during March, April, October and November; closed Wednesday from May to September; also offering gnocco and tigelle.

(located in the Best Western Modena district)

(+39) 059-851505

Via del Passatore 160

Closed Sundays and holidays; typical dishes from Emilia

(+39) 059-525947

Piazzale Nazioni 33

Closed Saturdays evenings and Sundays; open non-stop 11am to 10pm


Via del Passatore 91-93

Closed Saturday lunch and Sundays; hamburger too

(+39) 059-528751

Via Magnagallo est 7

Closed Sunday evenings; local dishes.

(+39) 059-525064

Via Ponte Alto 23/b

Closed Saturday lunch; specializing in fish and pizza


Via Ponte Alto 33

Closed on Tuesdays and Monday open only for lunch; traditional cuisine and gnocco and tigelle


Via Albone 116

Open only on Friday (dinner only), Saturday (lunch and dinner) and Sunday (lunch only), from meat to cheese through the vegetable garden


Via Roma 175, Osteriola di San Martino in Rio (RE)

Closed on Mondays, pizza and fish specialties



(+39) 059-851505

Via del Passatore 160

With a restaurant and five meeting rooms with a total capacity of 335 places.

(+39) 059-525938

Via Martiri della Libertà 21


Via Magnagallo east 7

With internal restaurant

  • Locanda ‘Commercio’ **

(+39) 059-525881

Viale Di Vittorio 14


via San Martino 50