Services for Collectors

The Museum of Scales and Balances is happy to supply collectors with information about objects and to assist in the meeting of supply and demand.

The Museum does not issue economic estimates and valuations of objects (Art. 5.2 of the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums) and urges people to be wary of those who do so in the name of the Scale Museum.

To learn more about a set of scales (or documents relating to certain scales), to cede or acquire objects or relative documentation, send a photograph of the object in question and your contact details (postal address, telephone or email) to the conservationist of the Museum of Scales and Balances (tel. (+39) 059-899422,


In the case of the giving away or search for scales or related objects, the Museum of Scales and Balances will publish advertisements on its own site and/or images of objects free of charge, so as to bring together interested collector parties, in accordance with current regulations.


The Museum of Scales and Balances will accept no responsibility regarding the accuracy of the advertisements published. The author of the advertisement is solely responsible for its content and thus for any information which may not reflect the truth.

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For sale
July 2022
- Antique weighing scales of the Royal Post Office circa 1865, intact, working. Sisto Vellucci tel. 370-1142936;
- I sell modern steelyard weighing scales from the first half of the 20th century. Anyone interested can contact no. 339-7079520 Fabio;
June 2022
I am selling 80 scales from my private collection en bloc or individually. I am giving up the collection due to an inability to follow and maintain the objects in question. I enclose some photos to view some of the scales in question. For information call Luciano Frigieri: 338-4912498
March 2022
I sell very large steelyard, very good condition with wall hooking bar. Terni. I evaluate proposals. 3282117991 WhatsApp contact. Marianna.
January 2022
I own various types of scales, market scales, salt weighers, coin weighers, counter scales, pharmacy scales, etc., as some of the attached photos show. I am willing to sell them, you can contact me by phone at 344-1186852 Franco.
October 2021
-I sell Bermani scales missing some weights. Price 100€ negotiable. I can ship. Those interested can write to:
-I sell bascula for € 200.00 negotiable. Only pick-up in Budrio di Correggio (RE). For information call Zanichelli Fortunato 338-3830226
September 2021
-Bizerba automatic clock-style Maxima brand scales, weight up to 12 kg with 5 g division.
1950s/60s. Price 300€. For information, Guido:
-Platform scale with number, manufactured by the firm Caprile Luigi Torino (formerly Casa Decher & C.), early 20th century, in good condition. Load capacity 500 kg. Price €300. No shipping, only collection in the Vignola (MO) area. For information: first contact by email at . Marco
-Steelyard with cabinet, early 1900s in good state of preservation. I assess possible offers. For information: first contact by email at . Marco
For free
May 2021
Gift antique Italian-made platform scale from the early 1900s, missing the weight plate. The scale is very heavy so I cannot ship it. It is located in Piedmont. For information contact Ester 340-2327454
March 2022
We offer two antique platform scale as donations. The dark one measures 53 x 93 x h 110 cm. The light one 50 x 80 x h 70 cm. Scales are located near Vicenza. No shipping, only collection by the interested party.
For info 340-3387097.


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