2 Dicembre 2021

Transparency,: 5x1000 & L124

In accordance with the provisions of Law 124/2017 LIBRA 93 APS makes public online the amounts of a public nature received:


Since 2010, anyone can contribute free of charge to the Museum's growth: all it takes is a signature in your income tax return to donate 5 per thousand of your IRPEF to the cultural association LIBRA 93 APS, which is entrusted with the Museum's enhancement and management.
A choice that does not entail any additional costs, but direct resources into the area for the benefit of our community!

For each financial year, a statement was published summarising the amount of money paid out and its use: purchase of instruments and documents that become inalienable assets of the museum institution and are added to other purchases or donations.


Visit the Donations page to find out more ways you can support the Museum and consult the Donor List.

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