Understanding the world: schools and more

The Libra Museum was founded with a strong vocation for education, which is realised through proposals aimed at those who visit the museum with a school or independently or with their families.
The particularity of the educational proposals lies in the connection between historical heritage, narrations and experimental workshops.

Measurement is the basis of any scientific activity, so it is actually natural that the large number of measuring instruments preserved at the museum should become a valuable starting point for learning about the world around us and for gambling into the field of metrology, science and technology. 

The Museum offers guided tours, workshops for schools and other activities in favour of enhancing historical heritage and disseminating scientific knowledge.
Some of the services offered by the Scale Museum:
  • project support to schools and other organisations for TEACHER TRAINING on the science of measurement, organising courses on the introduction to historical, scientific and legal metrology with exercises suitable for primary and secondary schools, both independently and in collaboration with  IC3 Modena e Memo Modena;
  • support for the STRENGTHENING OF EDUCATIONAL OFFERING and ACCESS TO FINANCING for INNOVATION and EDUCATIONAL TESTING projects in primary and secondary schools
  • “GIOVANI SCIENZIATI ”: setting up of science laboratories and libraries coming with operational training for teachers and classroom workshop activities (carried out in Formigine, Unione Terre d'Argine and Modena with funding from Cassa Risparmio Foundations, MIUR with L. 6/2000 annuality 2015 and Bando DL 104/2013 art.5 annuality 2015 in the 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18)
  • "CREATIVE WORKSHOPS-ROBOTICS&CODING": setting up a fully equipped workshop accompanied by operational teacher training and interventions in schools on robotics, educational electronics, logic and computational thinking, from which it emerged "NON 


     SEMPRE FACILE, NEMMENO SE SEI GENIALE" (carried out in Formigine with funding from Fondazione Cassa Risparmio in a.s. 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 and in Montefiorino a.s. 2018/19)
  • "ENHANCING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OFFERINGS": memorandum of understanding aimed at organising teacher training sessions, expert classroom interventions, laboratory and visits to the Museum (implemented with IC 3 Modena a.s. 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21)
  • "&SPERIMENTANDO": bi-weekly module of summer activities with narratives, expert interventions, workshops, games and challenges (duration 48 h, implemented for IC Stradi Maranello, PON a.s. 2018/19)
  • "CODICE LUNA. Giochi per esploratori dell'ignoto": collaboration with Carpi Municipality, Alberto Pio Middle School and IC Carpi Nord with classroom interventions by experts and training of pupils (duration of training 6 h, realised for Festa del Gioco 2019)
  • "UN TUFFO NELLA SCIENZA": interventi di attività estive con narrazioni, interventi di esperti, laboratori, giochi e sfide (durata 24 h, realizzato per IC 3 Modena, a.s. 2020/21)
  • "MEGLIO, GRAZIE!": partner of the Municipality of Campogalliano for classroom interventions (duration 24 h, IC Campogalliano, a.s. 2021/22; project Fondazione di Modena, bando Personae 2021)
  • design and management of EXHIBITION ROUTES and EVENTS for different audiences in collaboration with other actors and organisations on shared historical and scientific themes (for example, our 'Metrological Walks', which take you on a tour of the territory, experiencing activities with estimates and measurements, the "Cielo a pecorelle, misure a catinelle" workshop providing opportunities to apply the scientific method to everyday life and the exhibition  "Amori a cielo aperto, segreti in bella vista" which on botanical topics applies a look in balance between art and science);
  • planning and management of REVIEWS and EVENTSSUNDAYS AT THE MUSEUM , MAGICA SCIENZA,  EXPERIMENTS AND TALES  specially designed for families and dedicated to historical heritage and scientific-technological popularisation, which take place both at the Museum and at other venues;
  • management and planning of scientific activities SUMMER CAMP:
    Summer 2021: various proposals Summer Camps, Educational Farms and Playgrounds
    NATURA E SCIENZA IN FATTORIA 2019 four weeks of summer activities (July 2019) for children 3-11 years old in cooperation with Agriturismo La Falda di Campogalliano and Tetra Pak

For information or proposals for collaborations please  contact us